Document Registry




1. Check to see if you are uploading one of the accepted file types: 

txt, jpg, gif, png, ppt, doc, docx, xsl, pdf, ai, eps, psd, csv, xml

2. Check to see if the file you are uploading exceeds the maximum file upload size: 

5 MB

3. Are you trying to edit or delete a document that is owned by someone else?

Currently the system is set to allow document owners to edit or delete their own document. A document owner is the person who originally uploaded the file. To delete or edit a document owned by someone else, please contact Web Services. Other problems should be reported to Web Services using the Issues Report Form.

Known Issues

Here is a list of known issues that we are currently working to resolve:


  • Discoverable Check Box - currently this feature is in development. Please still check the box for documents you want to be found with a Discover search. Once the feature is implemented, we will alert you.
  • The error message when a non-library employee tries to log in needs to be reworded.

Planned Enhancements


  • Library Branded URL shortener. With this feature, you will be able to specify the portion of the url. For example: